Why we started Clevr.

Clevr is a partnership of services and products that is led by co-founders Jackie Serviss and Kareen Walsh. Based on their backgrounds as executive leaders, entrepreneurs, and business service providers in the business strategy, people strategy, and leadership development space. Through their work, they found common trends that required more innovation, a deeper level of service, and a holistic view of how best to integrate People, Process, and Technology, while helping leaders take care of their team, and build agility into their daily operations to withstand any market demand, and/or correction. 

They both felt and believed it was time we all got more clever on how we can create inclusive environments, and methods that allow businesses to adapt a corporate culture that not only cares for the well being of their teams, but also leads the way in ensuring that at any turn, each member of the team was equipped to adjust and pivot without too much disruption to their home life, since it had already been considered in the development process of the company and outline the demands of the leaders in place to steer the ship.

Jackie and Kareen have walked along many executive leaders and assisted them in building the business and reputation that employees are proud to belong to. Combining their efforts with technical innovation is allowing them to assist you in doing the same for your firm. 

They are hyper focused on sustainable growth, but most of all, the well-being of each member of your firm to ensure you all move forward together under a strategic umbrella of guidance and support from the experts, practitioners, and advisors you need.

Meet Jackie Serviss

Hi! I am your go to Head People Strategist. Point blank, I love people and I especially love to help them align who they really are into their career and business leadership life. As a seasoned Human Resources Executive and Certified Executive Coach (CEC) I have over a decade of experience assisting leaders in aligning people strategies and talent acquisition best practices to scale their organization. I have a integrated approach to drive strategy around talent planning & forecasting, organizational design, leadership development coaching, change management & staffing services. 

Like my business partner, Kareen, I am obsessed with sustainable business growth through the power of people.

I look for clients we can partner with to help drive results, build teams and create sustainable impact, but most of all support them in the care and attention they need to lead with ease.

Designing Clevr People is based on my formula to help our clients attract, develop, and retain top talent.  However, I believe without a People Strategy that aligns with your business strategy, you are wasting time and money.

As a leader of Clevr People, I am committed to ensuring that the talent within your firm is aligned with your true needs.  

I am based near Toronto, Canada, and when I am not chasing my twin daughters around, I love to check out of daily life with my husband and/or dear friends enjoy a getaway by the beach. 

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Meet Kareen Walsh


Hi! I have been the CEO of Revampologist, LLC since 2010 and decided I wanted to feel less alone in my business. With 17+ years as an executive in technology firms, 10 years of entrepreneurial business building, I LOVE helping other leaders and businesses grow! My definition of growth is to identify where you want to go, assess where you are today, and decide to move forward with a strategy and action plan to achieve it.

I believe we should not have to do it all alone, so while I walk alongside our clients, I also build a network of talented professionals to assist us in achieving our goals.

I approach each business strategy with a lens on People, Process, and Technology and hyper focus on Leadership in the middle to move the needle. I believe when you focus on operational optimization, leadership, and creative strategies, your company can survive any market fluctuation.

When you focus on business growth mastery, you create unstoppable momentum in how you extend your reach and impact your clients. 

I live in Connecticut and when I am not catering to my dog Kiya's carrot addiction, you can find me recording a new podcast interview, gearing up to host a Business Growth Mastery Workshop or online program, and/or cooking some amazing vegetarian/vegan food with my husband. 

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