Clevr Support Call- The Importance of Celebration

celebrate community support Apr 29, 2022

In this Clevr Support Call we discuss the importance of celebrating your wins (big or small). It is easy to get stuck in the "doing" of things and forget to pause and celebrate, so we dialogued on the following with those who joined us live, and encourage you to ask yourself these questions too. 

  • Do you hesitate (or don't even think about) taking a pause to celebrate your wins? 
  • What are you doing to feel more fulfilled and celebratory? 
  • How do you surrender to the sweetness of life?
  • What can you do to celebrate all you have achieved (and make it feel decedent)? 

Check out the replay to hear how others responded for inspiration, and note you are not alone if finding ways to celebrate feels challenging. 

We look forward to seeing you in our next Clevr Talk! If you haven't signed up to be a member of our network and join our live meetings, you can do so here.

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Clevr Talk- Building an Iconic Presence with Alex Kushneir


Our Clevr Talk with Alex Kushneir was a great conversation about building an iconic presence. We dug into Alex's expertise on story telling, and showing up on social media- (and how)! You can see how genuine he is sharing his journey and his love for story telling. His focus on helping others share their story if they are a personal brand or business brand is the gifting he has leveraged to help people attract their ideal clients and service their mission with ease. 

During the conversation, Alex shared the following insights to Kareen and Jeff's questions regarding the impact of producing videos that create a connect with your viewer, and stay on purpose. He answered:

  • What is the framework behind producing video content that generates engagement?
  • How (and why) to show up on social media if you are not comfortable being on camera?
  • What are the different methods you have between building a personal brand and a business brand via video content?
  • Why is the back story of...
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Clevr Support Call - Retrospective Q1'2022 with Kareen Walsh


As individuals and business owners, always heads down in the doing, we need to set aside time to pause, assess, and ensure we are stepping into aligned action. On this week's Clevr Support Call Kareen Walsh facilitated her favorite way to help you get clear on what to do next, the Retrospective Exercise! Doing this quarterly is a great way to make sure you accomplish what your set out to do this year.

If you want the prompts to do this exercise alongside Kareen, watch this video for the facilitation to walk through this exercise and gain the value you need to stay in aligned action. 

This method of assessing your progress against you goal starts with writing out the intension you had this year, or picking one of the goals you are working towards. 

  1. Write out the intension or goal you plan to assess 
  2. What are the wins or things you want to keep doing when it comes to your actions against this goal?
  3. What you need to stop doing to achieve your goal
  4. What you need to...
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Clevr Talk- Tiny Business, Big Money with Elaine Pofeldt


Our Clevr Talk with Elaine Pofeldt was a great deep dive into her new book Tiny Business, Big Money. Imagine talking to over 100 entrepreneurs across different industries and pulling their lessons learned and methods to earning 7 figures together, that is the knowledge base that Elaine shares with us! If you have ever thought about an entrepreneurial journey or recently started one and you want to save time and money learning from those who have gone before you, grab her book!

Throughout the talk, Elaine dug into what it truly takes to become an entrepreneur, and how to scale your business creatively. Elaine pulled some great examples from her book to give the networks some tangible steps. 

As we opened the floor up for questions from our community, Elaine answered:

  • What should the first step be to become an entrepreneur? 
  • As a solopreneur, what should you think about before hiring?
  • What are some money saving ways to do market research?

Watch the...

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Clevr Talk- Scaling Your Business with Terry Rice


Our Clevr Talk with Terry Rice was such a great conversation about Scaling Your Business. Being able to dialogue on creating a business out of leveraging your knowledge and know how is something the founders of the Clevr Network are quite familiar with.  Terry spoke about his journey with self employment, how he realized that trading his time for money was not scalable, and instead leveraging what he created through his content and POV could be a monetized business that could scale.

His success comes from his curiosity to learn, taking his lessons learned, and sharing it with others to benefit from. As an avid educator and speaker, Terry loves when he is asked new questions because it allows him to create more content.

As we opened the floor up for questions from our community, Terry answered:

  • How to authentically create content that sells 
  • How to tap into your community to build lasting business connections
  • Why it is so important to properly...
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Clevr Talk- Defining Your Career Mashup with Connie Steele

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2022

This Clevr Talk helped our network understand the fluid future of work. Connie breaks down what Defining Your Career Mashup really means by answering some burning questions. Some of the questions asked during the call, that you also might be wondering:

  • How do you define the future of work? 
  • Is having secondary and tertiary avenues of work important? 
  • What are the traits that leaders will be stepping into in order to steer these new environments?
  • How can we adapt to the ever evolving future of work?

Watch the recorded talk so you can get the answers to these questions, and more! 

About Connie Steele:

Connie Steele is a Human-Centered Future of Work Expert, Author, Business and Marketing Strategist, Consulting Business Owner and Podcaster - that’s her career mashup.
Through her management consultancy Flywheel Associates, she supports scale up technology companies in building their growth story through brand development, content strategy and...
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Clevr Talk - Retrospective with Kareen Walsh


This Clevr talk is a Retrospective on 2021 facilitated by Kareen Walsh to help you close out the year celebrating your wins and start to plan for 2022 taking aligned action. Kareen walks through her goal setting practice and prompts the group to follow along.

The method of goal setting that Kareen walks through includes:

  • Establishing your goal
  • Importance of celebrating wins as you work through your goal
  • What you need to stop doing to achieve your goal
  • What you need to start to achieve your goal
  • Breaking down your goal into bite sized pieces 

Watch the recorded talk so that you can step into aligned action in 2022. 

About Kareen Walsh

Kareen Walsh a Cofounder of Clevr Services and the Clevr Network.
She is a Start Up Adviser/Investor. Serial Entrepreneur. Executive Coach. Author. Podcaster. Kareen is the CEO/Founder of Revampologist, LLC a 7 Figure Boutique consulting and coaching company. She has 17+ Years entrepreneurial and executive experience leading and...
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Clevr Talk - Defining Your Personal Brand DNA with Elizabeth Stephens


This Clevr Talk helped our network define the DNA of their personal brand by learning the framework that Elizabeth Stephens from BrandBuilders Group uses with their mission driven client base. This method helped us understand how to build approachable and authentic personal brands that stem from our personal mission. It is so approachable!

Some of the questions asked during the call, that you also might be wondering:

  •  How do you determine what your Brand DNA is?
  • Why is establishing your personal brand important?
  • How do you build your personal brand that allows you to transition through different roles in business?
  • What are some tactics for someone who is moving from executive in someone else's company, to running their own?

Watch the recorded talk so you can get the answers to these questions, and more! Elizabeth graciously offered a Free Brand Call for the members in our network to get 1:1 time with her and help assess how to enhance your personal brand going...

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Clevr Talk - Build Your Executive Presence with Kim Kaupe


Having Kim Kaupe the founder of Bright Ideas Only , a creative agency, gave a talk to our Clevr Network in May, and it was such a highlight! Personal branding advice and support is a specialty she has helped a lot of top performers make sure they are crystal clear on how to do it in an aligned way. She is now working on building a way to educate others through her online course on how to build your executive presence in a clear and approachable way.

Click the Play button on the video to hear the whole talk! We received so many nuggets of how best to represent ourselves digitally, in person, and connect in an authentic way.

Highlights from the talk:

  • When you sit down with a friend, what keeps coming up that they ask YOU about? Use the common questions and way you answer it as a lens to create your content. (That's your secret sauce!)
  • Share the WHY behind the value you are adding - Answer the "Why does this matter?" question clearly in your messaging.
  • Stay professional and aligned...
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Clevr Talk - The DECK Leadership Approach to DE&I

clevr talk dei Apr 23, 2021

The discussion this month with founders of DECK Leadership, Shaun Peet and Mike Metcalf opening our network up to new thought, and understanding around what it means to create and consistently work to improve a culture based on values that demand diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this talk, Shaun and Mike share their personal journey of how they both ended up at Nascar, their individual desires of building a world class team of humans, and how it created the most diverse pit crew that Nascar has ever seen. 

They were gracious to answer our networks questions and showed us first hand what it means to have uncomfortable conversations and still move forward together. 

We could have talked for another 2 hours trying to get to everyone's question and continue to navigate ways to ensure that we are building cultures that are thoughtful of DE&I demands and learned so much in the short hour we had together. 

The whole talk is here for you to watch and grab your own...

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