Clevr Talk - Build Your Executive Presence with Kim Kaupe


Having Kim Kaupe the founder of Bright Ideas Only , a creative agency, gave a talk to our Clevr Network in May, and it was such a highlight! Personal branding advice and support is a specialty she has helped a lot of top performers make sure they are crystal clear on how to do it in an aligned way. She is now working on building a way to educate others through her online course on how to build your executive presence in a clear and approachable way.

Click the Play button on the video to hear the whole talk! We received so many nuggets of how best to represent ourselves digitally, in person, and connect in an authentic way.

Highlights from the talk:

  • When you sit down with a friend, what keeps coming up that they ask YOU about? Use the common questions and way you answer it as a lens to create your content. (That's your secret sauce!)
  • Share the WHY behind the value you are adding - Answer the "Why does this matter?" question clearly in your messaging.
  • Stay professional and aligned with across all platforms to represent all sides of you that create the attraction you want.
  • Only 2% of users on LinkedIn are creating content - huge opportunity to get visibility in the arena you want to be see in, and known as a thought leader within.

Kim also shared her one pager for us to view to create our own in an easy way that would be a great piece of collateral to share with others you want to be interviewed by, connect with, or speak in front of. Clearer you are about what you offer, the easier it is to get the YES! Check it out!

We would love to hear what your takeaways are from this month's Clevr Talk. Also, in case you didn't know, Kim does a Coffee with Kim Live broadcast every Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST on LinkedIn. If you want to see what creating consistent engagement and building up your presence as a thought leader looks like in real time, join her weekly conversations with her community. It's FREE!

If you have topics you would like us to bring to the table for discussion in one of our Clevr Talks - email [email protected] and let us know what you would like support on. We love these monthly conversations and hope you can join us live for the next one! Make sure you subscribe to our list to get the notification on when our next live talk will be. 


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