Clevr Talk - Defining Your Personal Brand DNA with Elizabeth Stephens


This Clevr Talk helped our network define the DNA of their personal brand by learning the framework that Elizabeth Stephens from BrandBuilders Group uses with their mission driven client base. This method helped us understand how to build approachable and authentic personal brands that stem from our personal mission. It is so approachable!

Some of the questions asked during the call, that you also might be wondering:

  •  How do you determine what your Brand DNA is?
  • Why is establishing your personal brand important?
  • How do you build your personal brand that allows you to transition through different roles in business?
  • What are some tactics for someone who is moving from executive in someone else's company, to running their own?

Watch the recorded talk so you can get the answers to these questions, and more! Elizabeth graciously offered a Free Brand Call for the members in our network to get 1:1 time with her and help assess how to enhance your personal brand going forward. Use the link above to book a direct Brand Call with her. 

About Elizabeth Stephens:

Elizabeth Stephens is a keynote speaker, personal branding expert, and the Director of Community at The Brand Builders Group.  She has worked with clients ranging from 7-figure entrepreneurs, NYT Bestselling authors, Top Ranked Podcast Hosts to Reality TV stars and everyone in between to build their influence, impact and income.

 She is a sought after personal brand strategist and community networker who leverages quick wins with the long game in mind. Elizabeth has helped craft TED talks (one with tens of thousands of views in the first few weeks of its release), written expert bios that resulted in 5X original speaking fees, aligned personal brands in a way that led to 7-figure launches, and helped to close business deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with clear and powerful personal brand messaging.

She knows that you can only expand your brand as deep and you connect with your network and is committed to helping people connect to their uniqueness and, in turn, connect it to others.

 We look forward to seeing you in our next Live Clevr Talk! If you haven't signed up to be a member of our network and join our live meetings, you can do so here.


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