Clevr Talk - Integrative Health in Business


What are you doing to ensure you are building and leading a healthy work environment? Do you struggle with figuring out ways to make sure your team is supported?

In this month's Clevr Talk, our panelists and hosts share their tactics and perspective on how business leaders need to focus on integrative measures to help your teams with their health in mind. 

Our Clevr Network members kept asking, "how can we better take care of ourselves, and our teams so that when crisis hits, we can move through it together?" We decided to host this talk about Integrative Health in Business to share our thinking around solutions to heal, strengthen, and empower yourself and your teams on how to build resilience, and enjoy the journey together as you do. We purposely use the word INTEGRATIVE because our health is not just one dimensional. Health is not just about your body, how fit you are, and what you eat, anymore. 

The Clevr Network founders definition of integrative health is a focus on your physical health AND your mental health, your financial health, your relational health, plus your career health. That is the integrative view we dialogue on with our panelists, Frank Blaney and Samantha Fitzsimons.

Our discussion with our panelists answers the following:

  • What is your definition of integrative health? [Starts at 9:21]
  • What are the common problems you are seeing in the workplace that you are helping find solutions for? [Starts at 17:10]
  • What are the different conversations around integrative health happening today than what may have been happening a decade ago? [Starts at 28:00]
  • What is the fastest, easiest way, you think a company can incorporate mental health practices across their organization? [Starts at 39:00]
  • The impact of micro-traumas [Starts at 47:30]

As Clevr Network Co-Founder, Kareen Walsh, shared during this talk, we all have micro traumas to manage through. We all need to start focusing on ways to ensure they don't become fractures across the whole, and increase our communication around what a healthy business culture looks like, otherwise the fracture can turn into an all out melt down - no one can afford that in this market climate.

As you can see, this discussion is displaying the shift in leadership required to help build more integrative support environments and realize that you don't have to have the expertise to fix it, you can hire and incorporate the best services to assist your leaders and teams in providing the support they need. At a minimum you could do what Frank Blaney suggests and create a "Self-Care Committee", put some budget behind it, and allow the committee to research what your teams need the most, and provide solutions for your teams to feel better supported.

It is evident from this discussion that we are at the crux of how we take care of ourselves and our people for the highest level of fulfillment and success in our work. Taking the time to assess how you and your teams the type of support they need to function at their best is critical to continue to navigate through challenges and celebrate your wins. We plan on continuing to raise these topics and find ways to support our Clevr Network on finding top solutions. Hope you can join us live for our next Clevr Talk.

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