Clevr Talk- Defining Your Career Mashup with Connie Steele

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2022

This Clevr Talk helped our network understand the fluid future of work. Connie breaks down what Defining Your Career Mashup really means by answering some burning questions. Some of the questions asked during the call, that you also might be wondering:

  • How do you define the future of work? 
  • Is having secondary and tertiary avenues of work important? 
  • What are the traits that leaders will be stepping into in order to steer these new environments?
  • How can we adapt to the ever evolving future of work?

Watch the recorded talk so you can get the answers to these questions, and more! 

About Connie Steele:

Connie Steele is a Human-Centered Future of Work Expert, Author, Business and Marketing Strategist, Consulting Business Owner and Podcaster - that’s her career mashup.
Through her management consultancy Flywheel Associates, she supports scale up technology companies in building their growth story through brand development, content strategy and strategic planning.

As the creator and host of the Strategic Momentum podcast, she interviews forward-thinking leaders and creators  to gain valuable tips, stories and advice around the business of work and ‘how’ they redefined success to help them progress the way they wanted.

Connie has always been intrigued by the “why” behind companies and careers that thrive. With over twenty years of combined Fortune 500, mid-size company, and startup experience, she has observed firsthand how business is no longer rigid and linear, collaborative, and fluid.

She’s released a bestselling book Building the Business of You: A System to Align Passion and Growth Potential Through Your Own Career Mashup, the first book to help professionals and entrepreneurs navigate the new world of work while aligning personal purpose and professional advancement. Her career mashup advice has appeared on Forbes and Thrive Global.

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