Clevr Talk - The Future of Work - 02/17/2021


 "The Future of Work is Now!" as Elatia Abate, one of our Clevr Talk panelists loves to say!

So many take-aways from our February 2021 Clevr Talk!

The Clevr Network team is still reeling about the conversation and there are so many more questions we still need to answer! This was such a great start to bring awareness to the topics on all of our minds about the future of work. We are right in the middle of witnessing old systems crumble while innovation in the workplace is in high demand.

We want to thank our guest Panelists, Elatia Abate and Jackie Koch for sharing their insights and wisdom with us! This conversation has definitely sparked some additional questions that we plan to touch on in future talks like:

  • How can you gracefully transition from full time employment models to a more expertise/skills based contract work?
  • What will happen to all the vacant office spaces? How will people be coming together in the future if their business operations are constructed online?
  • What are the mental health impacts to the new way of working? Are companies going to have to invest more in the care of their teams?

We loving getting questions like this so we can find experts to help answer them in our next Clevr Talk. (click here to join the network and get access to our next talk)

Highlights from the conversation (click on the video to watch the whole talk)

Frank Blaney shared his feedback on this talk sharing that he resonates with the panels sentiments that old paradigms of "managing people" in our new environment are archaic. He counsels his clients to delegate more authority to remote team members to get more buy-in on the overall organizational mission. 

We also discussed the impact of salaried jobs vs. contracted work? Will the gig economy become more of a trend and will antiquated systems align operationally with more contracted work. 

Marlon Bundang asked his question on the trend he is seeing with large organizations contingency workforce growing, and the impact it has to manage, operate, and measure "on demand" workforce shifts within a firm.

Kareen Walsh shared her view in response to Marlon's question by sharing the requirement for the decision matrix within a firm to be as agile as their decisions on expanding and reducing their workforce. Focus on optimizing their operations, and aligning the demand for strategic movement across the firm by knowing the actual expertise and skillset within their existing workforce to give them a chance to step into the new challenges.

Connie Steele shared her view that work has become a "position-less" sport. Being a utility player has more value than being deeply specialized. 

Michaud Garneau shared that the biggest challenges facing the future of work is how to make autonomous choices with incomplete information. 

It was such a great conversation, we are sharing the whole recording with you so you can benefit from it now!

If you have any questions you would like us to answer in our next Clevr Talk and support you live, feel free to email us at [email protected]

If you would like to connect with the founders of the Clevr Network and be considered as a speaker for one of our talks, feel free to connect with them via LinkedIn: Jackie Serviss, Kareen Walsh, and Jeff Walsh



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