Clevr Talk - The DECK Leadership Approach to DE&I

clevr talk dei Apr 23, 2021

The discussion this month with founders of DECK Leadership, Shaun Peet and Mike Metcalf opening our network up to new thought, and understanding around what it means to create and consistently work to improve a culture based on values that demand diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this talk, Shaun and Mike share their personal journey of how they both ended up at Nascar, their individual desires of building a world class team of humans, and how it created the most diverse pit crew that Nascar has ever seen. 

They were gracious to answer our networks questions and showed us first hand what it means to have uncomfortable conversations and still move forward together. 

We could have talked for another 2 hours trying to get to everyone's question and continue to navigate ways to ensure that we are building cultures that are thoughtful of DE&I demands and learned so much in the short hour we had together. 

The whole talk is here for you to watch and grab your own takeaways. 

A question that was asked and answered offline is something we think everyone could benefit from knowing as they are building their teams and company culture:

What are some ways we can make sure that when we are recruiting for top talent, that we are using the language that attracts diverse talent to apply?

Masha Schricker, on of our Clevr Network members send us some links that she found as she researched this for her HR Consulting practice to ensure she is posting job descriptions and following recruitment procedures that are unbiased.

Here are the resources for you to reference:

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