Clevr Talk - Integrative Health in Business


What are you doing to ensure you are building and leading a healthy work environment? Do you struggle with figuring out ways to make sure your team is supported?

In this month's Clevr Talk, our panelists and hosts share their tactics and perspective on how business leaders need to focus on integrative measures to help your teams with their health in mind. 

Our Clevr Network members kept asking, "how can we better take care of ourselves, and our teams so that when crisis hits, we can move through it together?" We decided to host this talk about Integrative Health in Business to share our thinking around solutions to heal, strengthen, and empower yourself and your teams on how to build resilience, and enjoy the journey together as you do. We purposely use the word INTEGRATIVE because our health is not just one dimensional. Health is not just about your body, how fit you are, and what you eat, anymore. 

The Clevr Network founders definition of integrative health is a...

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Clevr Talk - The Future of Work - 02/17/2021


 "The Future of Work is Now!" as Elatia Abate, one of our Clevr Talk panelists loves to say!

So many take-aways from our February 2021 Clevr Talk!

The Clevr Network team is still reeling about the conversation and there are so many more questions we still need to answer! This was such a great start to bring awareness to the topics on all of our minds about the future of work. We are right in the middle of witnessing old systems crumble while innovation in the workplace is in high demand.

We want to thank our guest Panelists, Elatia Abate and Jackie Koch for sharing their insights and wisdom with us! This conversation has definitely sparked some additional questions that we plan to touch on in future talks like:

  • How can you gracefully transition from full time employment models to a more expertise/skills based contract work?
  • What will happen to all the vacant office spaces? How will people be coming together in the future if their business operations are constructed...
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