Clevr Talk - Retrospective with Kareen Walsh


This Clevr talk is a Retrospective on 2021 facilitated by Kareen Walsh to help you close out the year celebrating your wins and start to plan for 2022 taking aligned action. Kareen walks through her goal setting practice and prompts the group to follow along.

The method of goal setting that Kareen walks through includes:

  • Establishing your goal
  • Importance of celebrating wins as you work through your goal
  • What you need to stop doing to achieve your goal
  • What you need to start to achieve your goal
  • Breaking down your goal into bite sized pieces 

Watch the recorded talk so that you can step into aligned action in 2022. 

About Kareen Walsh

Kareen Walsh a Cofounder of Clevr Services and the Clevr Network.
She is a Start Up Adviser/Investor. Serial Entrepreneur. Executive Coach. Author. Podcaster. Kareen is the CEO/Founder of Revampologist, LLC a 7 Figure Boutique consulting and coaching company. She has 17+ Years entrepreneurial and executive experience leading and...
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