Clevr Talk- Scaling Your Business with Terry Rice


Our Clevr Talk with Terry Rice was such a great conversation about Scaling Your Business. Being able to dialogue on creating a business out of leveraging your knowledge and know how is something the founders of the Clevr Network are quite familiar with.  Terry spoke about his journey with self employment, how he realized that trading his time for money was not scalable, and instead leveraging what he created through his content and POV could be a monetized business that could scale.

His success comes from his curiosity to learn, taking his lessons learned, and sharing it with others to benefit from. As an avid educator and speaker, Terry loves when he is asked new questions because it allows him to create more content.

As we opened the floor up for questions from our community, Terry answered:

  • How to authentically create content that sells 
  • How to tap into your community to build lasting business connections
  • Why it is so important to properly...
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