Clevr Talk- Building an Iconic Presence with Alex Kushneir


Our Clevr Talk with Alex Kushneir was a great conversation about building an iconic presence. We dug into Alex's expertise on story telling, and showing up on social media- (and how)! You can see how genuine he is sharing his journey and his love for story telling. His focus on helping others share their story if they are a personal brand or business brand is the gifting he has leveraged to help people attract their ideal clients and service their mission with ease. 

During the conversation, Alex shared the following insights to Kareen and Jeff's questions regarding the impact of producing videos that create a connect with your viewer, and stay on purpose. He answered:

  • What is the framework behind producing video content that generates engagement?
  • How (and why) to show up on social media if you are not comfortable being on camera?
  • What are the different methods you have between building a personal brand and a business brand via video content?
  • Why is the back story of...
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