Welcome! Are you looking for a network of savvy business leaders to learn from and grow with?

Well, that's what we have built! As entrepreneurs and business leaders we know the power of community and our network. We also know we don't want to do it alone. We believe that in order to build resilience, you need a space where you can talk through what is really going on and get the support you need.

And of course a fun place to connect with others and know you have others to lean on and tap the shoulder of for guidance or support.

That is the foundation of the Clevr Network.

The core values of this network and it's members are:

+ Desire for Genuine Connection

+ A focus on Continuous Development

+ Always Forward Thinking

If this is ticking all your boxes for what you have been looking for in a professional network, join our free community and hop on one of our monthly ClevrTalks!

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Each month we will be hosting a ClevrTalk to help support you through leading your business and teams during this time. 

OUR NEXT MEETING IS on 5/26/21 at 4:00 PM EST!

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About the Clevr Network 

Clevr Network is founded by Jackie Serviss, Jeff Walsh, and Kareen Walsh as part of their giveback model to host a community of amazing leaders and team members who seek out the best methods, want to connect with like minded people, and continue to grow together. 

As a seasoned People Strategist, Product and Innovation Entrepreneur, and Business Owner of Strategic Consulting and Coaching practice, we want to build a space where based on reciprocity and curiosity on how to accelerate your growth and contribute back into the community at the same time. We love connecting with savvy business owners and leaders of industry. Learning from others, and growing together is why we built this network.

We are committed to meeting monthly and hosting network calls to stay connected, feel supported, and learn something new when it comes to building a business, accelerating your career, and making an impact. 

If this is something you have been craving, join our network to get access to our monthly hosted calls and connect with other like-minded individuals.