What's Your People Strategy?

The #1 missed opportunity in the talent world...leaders not being proactive enough!

Engaging in ClevrPeople, we are here to help you build proactive people strategies that help you pivot with ease, AND help your leaders grow to sustain and scale your business. 

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Clevr People Strategy Pillars

How Strong is the foundation of each pillar in your business? | Are you a 10 out of 10 in these areas? 

Imagine what you would be able to do for your clients if these three areas were running on all cylinders!


Development of core talent, assessment of leaders & organizational design of your leadership team. 


Forecasting talent, talent succession planning, talent acquisition strategies. 


Driving performance metrics & core high performance behaviors to achieve business results. 

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Gordon Crowder, 

Founder, Spitzen Agency

"We have developed an amazing partnership with Jackie Serviss and her team. Their dedication to our very specific needs not only in staffing, in retention, and performance management are light years ahead.  Our success is a direct reflection of your companies passion to excellence."

Susanne Puerschel,

CEO, Pointe To Rise

"Jackie has delivered timely, accurate and pure results to my company's needs. Jackie Serviss' agency has helped transform the way we look after our talent needs, rather than a have to, it is now an exciting moment to see the talent she brings us."

Scott Roen,

Managing Director, BlackRock 

"Kareen is both process guru and professional coach all wrapped up in one. Our organization and my leadership are stronger thanks to her."

Our Approach

We believe if your business has a strong vision, defined business strategy, the alignment of expertise, skills, and leadership from your team is the only way to scale. 

Our first step is to assess where you are today, understand where you want to go, and help you define WHO you need to make it happen. 

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Staffing Services

If you are clear on who you need to fulfill your business growth strategy this year, we are able to quickly assist you by recruiting, assessing, and finding the perfect fit for your hiring needs. 

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Increase Performance

Sometimes it takes outside facilitation and coaching to up-level the performance of your team. We have a team of leadership and executive coaches and access to assessment tools that allow us to provide crucial feedback and performance plans for your team to thrive in their role, as they drive the business forward.

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Our Clients


Meet the Founders

The first thing you need to know about us and our team is that we have been exactly where you are. Whether you are an entrepreneur scaling your business or a corporate c-suite exec trying to deliver against your business strategy, we have been there.

We get the pains of working with staffing agencies that just don't get what it means to find the perfect fit for your corporate culture. We also understand that sometimes you just need the right assessment of your staff against your goals to determine how best to coach them into the role they are meant to play. And sometimes you just need a partner to strategize with when it comes to delivering against your own performance goals. 

See, we get it. We have been there in our own journey, the place where you know you need to invest in outside services, but unsure about which services to select that will really follow through for you. That is why we focus on knowing your strategy first, and not just the transactional approach to people management. 

Your human capital requires a return on your investment in them. That's what differentiates our approach over any other people management company out there. We get it. We have done it. And we want you to leverage our lessons learned to better support your initiatives.  

Clevr is a partnership of services and products that is led by co-founders Jackie Serviss and Kareen Walsh. Based on their backgrounds as executive leaders, entrepreneurs, and business service providers in the business strategy, people strategy, and leadership development space, they found common trends that required more innovation, a deeper level of service, and a holistic view of how best to integrate People, Process, and Technology, while helping their clients take care of their team, and build agility into their daily operations to withstand any market demand, and/or correction. 

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